Monday, August 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton: Cracked Ostrich Eggs

Louis Vuitton window display is among the best and the most creatives displays ever made. Each season or let say month, the VM team has amazing concepts that perhaps other brand would not use it. This early fall season, the latest LV window is about the cracked ostrich eggs. Inside those eggs are the covetable LV jewelry and accesories collection both men and women. And there will be no eggs without their mommy ostrich. However because the limitation of space in Indonesian LV display, there is no real size ostrich appears as you can see in New York. But here you will only see the ostrich feet, while the body is replaced by the LV bags.
Here are the photos of LV display in Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya. I took those photos while I went there for business trip last week. Enjoy.

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