Friday, December 31, 2010

Party Time

It is 4 hours before midnite here in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am about to leave for the New Year celebration. Hope the party or simple celebration will be as cheerful and festive as this Body & Soul display.

Unpublished 6: Bebe

Bebe girl in my mind is always a girl with voluptuous body, very confident, sensual, but not too ehm... cheap. Like these voluptuous mannequins used in the fall/winter 201o collection display.

Unpublished 5: Kiehl's

This Kiehl's display was appear in June, so the summer traveling season is in the air. The Hawaian print shirt, the hat, the bag, are all so right but I still confused why the VM team show a skull man.

Unpublished 4: Chanel Paris - Shanghai

Each season Chanel has a story to be told. It can be polar bear and the iceberg of Fall/Winter 2010 or the hippie style of the Cruise 2010/11. For the Pre-Fall 2010 collection, Chanel, in the lead of Karl Lagerfeld, went to the east and stop at Shanghai with its breathtaking Paris - Shanghai Collection. If you have a fortune to spend, just make sure you buy all the stuffs from this collection.

Unpublished 3: Dior at Plaza Senayan





This Dior boutique in Plaza Senayan makes me crazy. I never have even good or adequate images from this location. Hope some of these pictures will satisfy you.

Unpublished 2: Stella McCartney for Baby Gap

These pictures are some of my first display photos I made early this year. I love the cute, cheerful, innocent, but stylish pictures of these children. No mannequin used, just still life size image of some children wearing the fall/winter 2009 collection of Stella McCartney for BabyGap.

Unpublished 1: Prada SS 2010

It's never too late to start something and tonight I start to publish some pictures that not yet shown on this blog.

The first of these series is the Spring/Summer 2010 display of Prada boutique in Plaza Senayan. No story or theme is used, only perform the amazing Spring/Summer 2010 accesories colletion.

Melting Snow

Christmas time is over and it is the night when fanfare of the New Year celebration is in the air. But I still got some Christmas-themed displays. Like this in Marks & Spencer display, the pine tree is completed with the tiny beads that make the tree is shining or perhaps the depiction of melting snow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is the most unique wreath I ever seen !

Chic & Luxurious North Pole

Imagine if North Pole is a country with chic and stylish citizens, live in luxurious and modern house or apartment like you see in Manhattan or Paris.

Cruising In Christmas Time

There are six seasons in the fashion cycle: spring, summer, pre-fall, fall, winter, and cruise. Cruise is the time between winter and spring seasons, when people from cold wintery area going holiday on warmer destinations. However, the spring collection is still on the progress and not available in the store. Thus, the cruise collection is created.
This Christmas, Chanel display the latest cruise 2010 collection (Paris - Cannes) with unique Christmas tree. To avoid the snowy aura of traditional Christmas tree, Chanel use paper-made Christmas tree. Please do not expect the green leaves or colorful decorations.

Giant Snow Flakes

This year's winter makes some trouble with the terrible snow storm in Europe. So, imagine if the snowflakes are in giant size like in the display of Next. However, the paper (?) snow flakes are so amazing and perfect in detail.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my audiences from all over the world. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Let us wish to the Lord that this Christmas love will be spread to all mankind forever and ever. Amen

Fallen Angels

Imagine if angels in heaven above fall in our world then wear these kind of suits and dresses.......

The Gift

Christmas would not be complete without gifts for our beloved and closest relatives. So what are gifts that you will gift that you will create this year? Kenzo makes a giant gift box to inspire you.

Christmas at Mango

Mango Plaza Indonesia with its wide area of window display shows the great Christmas theme display. The fall's library style is still there but the VM team adds some Christmas decorations from snowy Christmas tree with comfy pillows underneath, warming candles, and the right choices of dresses and accesories.