Friday, September 30, 2011


Celine Luggage bag, Plaza Senayan

Louis Vuitton Lockit bags, Plaza Senayan

Deja Vu shoes

Christian Louboutin, Plaza Indonesia

Bulgari, Pacific Place

Fancy fashion stuffs sometimes are valuable, both for the real function and also for collection items. From the most wanted bag, classic items that will last forever, until the unique shape or detail, these shoes, bags, and accessories are worth to buy for. And in the future, perhaps they will worth of investment.

Gucci: Rich(y) kids

The Gucci boutique at Senayan City dedicates one of its window display side for the Gucci Kids collection. The latest outfit changing is more luxurious than before with some kid-mannequins wearing Gucci logo coats plus the riding boots. They are a little bit too much but they will fit enough if you have style sense to dress your children in Gucci.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 Trend: Red (2) alert

Jean Paul Gaultier, Plaza Indonesia

Gucci, Plaza Senayan

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Plaza Indonesia

Emporio Armani, Plaza Indonesia

Diane von Furstenberg, Plaza Indonesia

Celine, Plaza Senayan

Dare to wear this color? Anyone?

Fall/Winter 2011 Trend: Scarf

Hermes, Galleria Grand Hyatt

Hermes, Pacific Place

Gucci, Plaza Senayan

Louis Vuitton, Pacific Place

Bulgari, Pacific Place

Coach, Plaza Senayan

Scarf is a part of accessories that is so classic. This product is so versatile and useful. On the head, on your neck, shoulder, wrist, or just to decorate your simple bag or purse, scarf is very effective. This season, many fashion houses exposes their collection of scarves. From the infamous scarf producer, Hermes, to the other brands like Gucci or even jewelry maker, Bulgari.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BCBG Max Azria: Bon chic in tiger print

The three mannequins at BCBG Max Azria boutique wears the trendy tiger printed jacket and shirt. The attitude and the appearance of this tiger print is of course chic a la American style, not that va-va-voom Italian.

Aigner: Checkmate

Aigner window display in Gandaria City presents an interesting object that is a bag rack in the form of giant check board.

Lanvin: Black Tie

The latest update of the Lanvin window display is about black tie party. A man with tuxedo stands beside a woman in very chic long dress. The attitude is about elegance and of course, vanity.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Versace: Back to Baroque

Senayan City

Plaza Indonesia

Do you remember Versace when is still on the hand of Gianni himself? The big Versace era of the 9os? Riots of Baroque print, Medusa head, silky shirt (even on men)? They are come back this season, of course with more tame appearance and modern approach.

Gucci: Accesories

Gucci is very well known with its accessories especially those with the logos from double G to bamboo detail. One side of window displays at Gucci, Senayan City, focuses on the fall/winter 2011 accessories collection. Very long and elegance legs wearing the latest colorful high heels, hats, purse, and many others.

Tommy Hilfiger: Playing tennis & golf

Tommy Hilfiger, American preppy brand, is developing its business in Indonesia by opening some boutiques in different provinces. One of the store is at Gandaria City, Jakarta, that becomes the first store opened this year. The fall/winter window display is about playing sport. Tennis and golf become the chosen sports and they fit with Tommy Hilfiger concept of preppy clothing. The display is interesting with tennis and golf balls on the faux-grass grounds as if the mannequins are exercising.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Initial and Logo

Gucci, Grand Indonesia

Chanel, Grand Indonesia

Louis Vuitton, Plaza Indonesia

Dior, Plaza Senayan

Hermes, Galleria Grand Hyatt

Yves Saint Laurent, Senayan City

Loewe, Grand Indonesia

Ermenegildo Zegna, Pacific Place

Coach, Plaza Senayan

Almost all the big name brands that exist in the world of fashion these days have their own initial or logo or symbol to represent the brand. The famous LV initial of Louis Vuitton, double C of Chanel, double G of Gucci, H for Hermes, and many others can be a mean to show off those brands.

Roberto Cavalli: Party

Roberto Cavalli is always about glamorous life and the most happening party, from cocktail to gala. The latest update on its window display at Plaza Senayan boutique shows some fabulous party dresses that match the concept of this boutique.