Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gucci: Beauty and the beast

The mini window display of Gucci at Plaza Senayan shows a very interesting concept in displaying accessories. Here the beautiful white fox stole is combined with the yellow python skin accessories. Two different materials with two different characters.

ck calvin klein: New store, new display concept

The ck calvin klein boutique at Plaza Indonesia has moved to its new location. The bigger space of this boutique shows a very unique and funny window display: a giant little chicken in blue colored velvet. I don't understand why the VM team chose this kind of concept. However, it is a very interesting object, compared to other ordinary display.

Lanvin: Giant box

Lanvin window display is always creative and have some funny things. The latest update shows a giant Lanvin blue box, the signature color of this brand of course. There are a mannequin and other little blue boxes inside this box as if this box is a Christmas parcel.

BCBG MaxAzria: In the balcony

One of BCBG MaxAzria window displays at Plaza Indonesia is showing three mannequins having a dialogue at a balcony. This balcony is facing the Eiffel tower, of course in the form of printed photo.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter's shade of pale

MaxMara, Plaza Indonesia

Boss Hugo Boss, Plaza Indonesia

Stradivarius, Senayan City

Promod, Senayan City

The window display of some international fashion boutiques and stores are displaying the winter 2011 collections. Mostly are coat or jackets, fur (fake or not) without fur and use the same palette, somber grey or beige that are classic.

Forever 21: Starry holiday

Forever 21 window display for this year's Christmas is about holiday in the outer space with starry background, blocks of stone (or ice?), and a sticker with rocket image.

Christmas Window Displays

Bershka, Plaza Indonesia

Boss Hugo Boss - Plaza Senayan

Seibu, Grand Indonesia

Debenhams, Senayan City

Mango, Grand Indonesia

Stradivarius, Plaza Indonesia

Stradivarius, Senayan City

Gap Kids, Grand Indonesia

Last weekend I found many boutiques and fashion stores in Jakarta had updated their window displays with Christmas themed. Many aspects of Christmas icons are explored, from Christmas decorations, colorful neons, star, snow flake, reindeer, bells, balls, etc. So beautiful and cheerful.

Friday, November 25, 2011

BCBG MaxAzria: In the garden

The mannequins in BCBG MaxAzria window display are posing in the garden. An artificial one of course, via giant garden images and paper statues of trees and a lamp. Suitable for Indonesia because the sun is always shining everyday and it's good to be in the garden for refreshing.

Tumi: Ducati motorcycle

To celebrate Tumi's collaboration with Ducati, a Ducati motorcycle is put on the window display. Don't know whether this motorcycle is the real one or just a dummy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guess: Winter in style

I love winter season because there are lot of cool jackets and coats, also furs, to be worn. Unfortunately, I live in Indonesia where there are only two seasons: rainy and summer seasons. These mannequins on the Guess window display is very inspiring to be chic and stylish in cold winter weather.

Gap: Colorful, cheerful

Holiday in Gap's point of view is about fun and color. The latest update on Gap window display at Senayan City shows two bicycles covered up in Christmas colorful little lamps as if they are Christmas trees. On the background there are giants posters of Gap holiday theme: Joy It Up. Perfect!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Metro: Pacific Place - 20th Anniversary Display part 4

The last post of Metro 20th Anniversary display is about the most festive party theme. Here, the mannequins are attending a birthday party with formal clothes, thanks to S. Oliver, masks on the face, balloons and gifts on the hand.

Metro: Pacific Place - 20th Anniversary Display part 3

On the third floor of Metro at Pacific Place, the window displays look more festive with color and party properties. The first window showing a simple birthday celebration with two birthday cakes, gift boxes, some glasses and a bottle of wine.

Metro: Pacific Place - 20th Anniversary Display part 2

Each floor of Metro at Pacific Place has 4 window display spaces. The two are very large while the 2 others are smaller and are occupied by international brands like ck or DKNY. The second window space of the 2nd floor is showing the giant 20 numbers. There are some mannequins surrounding these numbers and wearing the same black and white tone.