Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Window Pane

Mondial, Plaza Indonesia

Bulgari, Plaza Indonesia

To decorate a clear glass window is a clever way when your display is soo minimal and monotone in concept. Watch these two jewelry boutiques, Mondial and Bulgari, whose windows are decorated with inspiration comes from Baroque art, Orientalism, Indian, and Russian folklore.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hermes Puiforcat Saint-Louis, Jakarta

Hermes Puiforcat Saint-Louis is the latest luxury store in Jakarta. This boutiques present the magnificent collection of Hermes, Puiforcat, and Saint-Louis tableware. Hermes is not only famous with Birkins and Kellys but it is also produces the fabulous china, tableware, and home products. To those who never heard about Puiforcat and Saint-Louis, I want to give some brief explanations: Puiforcat is the master silversmiths that has been producing silver tableware before the 20th century. While, Saint-Louis is the master glassmaker that produces any kind of glasswares, vases and chandeliers mostly made from crystal.
The concept of this boutique window is so simple. White back drop and white minimalist table are the main background. While, the latest collection of the three brand's tableware and chandelier are the main attention. Effortless luxury.

Sale Season: Red Alert

Bershka, Plaza Indonesia

Pull and Bear, Grand Indonesia

Stradivarius, Plaza Indonesia

The color is so striking, bright, and alarming. The word is an invitation and temptation for us to shop shop shop and shop.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sale Season

With the Jakarta Great Sale and the end of summer season in the fashion world, almost all of fashion boutiques and department stores in Jakarta is starting the sale program. Some stores decorates the display with sale theme in very artistic way, but some are just play safe and plain with sticker or paper to promote the sale.
Here are two stores that promote the sale in distinct ways. Tumi creatively covers their luggage with papers and sale word written on them. While Ermenegildo Zegna maintains the brand's exclusivity with sale word written on an acrilic.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Special Occasions

Ted Baker, Grand Indonesia

Y-3, Plaza Indonesia

Armani Exchange, Plaza Indonesia

Sometimes window display is decorated to focus on special occasions other than previewing the new collection of a season. Royal wedding of the brand's national prince, support to devastated victim of a disaster, brand's anniversary, and other occasions.

Diane von Furstenberg: Graphic lesson

Diane von Furstenberg likes to play with graphics and patterns this season.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's A Man Man World

Zara, Plaza Senayan

Hermes, Galleria Grand Hyatt

Canali, Pacific Place

Boss Hugo Boss, Plaza Senayan

Masculine, macho, gentleman, but sometimes dandy too. Here are the all about men display this season.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mango: Ladylike

These mannequins at Mango window display are posing like a ladies. Graceful sitting, elegance standing style, and beautiful hairdos, all are fabulous here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chanel: Let's play the swing

Chanel's display is always amazing by bringing the concept of runaway stage or advertisement concept into window display properties. However, the mannequins and other prop cannot display product in mini size like watches and jewelries. Thus, Chanel has a clever way to display those small items that is in the side display. The fabulous J 12 and Premiere watches is displayed in swing miniatures with greenery in the background. It looks so fun but still classy as Chanel always to be.

Pull and Bear: Neon

The main attraction of the latest Pull and Bear store at Central Park, Jakarta is the neons and bulbs that form the brand's name and its spirit. So great that the display is adding the lighting to this mall. It is a great idea to put neons and bulbs to your display if you do not have a strong concept of display.

Louis Vuitton: Hot balloons and the sea

As I have posted earlier this week about Louis Vuitton windows that show means of transportations, here are the displays of Louis Vuitton at Plaza Indonesia with the same theme. The store is almost become the largest store in South East Asia and sells women ready-to-wear collection. Thus, on the display also stands a mannequin wearing the latest collection.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Cannage pattern of Lady Dior bag, Plaza Senayan

Giorgio Armani initial, Plaza Indonesia

LV initial & flower monogram of Louis Vuitton, Plaza Indonesia

Medusa head of Versace, Plaza Indonesia

Logo, symbol, pattern are sometimes becoming the initial of a brand. Once you see it then forever you remember it. Logo-maniac-trend was booming in the begining of this 21th century. Nowadays, this trend is fading in Europe and America, but not in Asian countries.

Versace: Printed matters

Versace is always famous with its baroque theme prints that so popular in the 90s. This summer 2011, the women collection celebrates this print but with modern touch. If you dare to be different then buying these dresses is a must.