Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mango Plaza Indonesia: New Location

It is the new year and Mango in Plaza Indonesia is relocated into a bigger location with bigger space for window display. The mannequins are in dancing position as if they are free to move. Hopefully this large space of display will offer the excellent display concept too.

Last Christmas 2: Le Privee

This is the most amazing window display I ever seen from 2010. Le Privee is a local multi brand boutique that usually comes with ordinary mannequin wearing some brands they promote to sell. However, last Christmas it shows a single mannequin who holds balloons as if she wants to be lifted up to the sky. And yes she is because in the ground there are glittering clouds made of cottons. Beautiful

Last Christmas 1: Alun - Alun Indonesia

It is the second week in the year 2011, but the Christmas spirit is still in the air at some shopping malls. Some stores and boutique are busy with the end of year sale that they forget to decorate for the new month. Like this in Alun Alun Indonesia where a 'Christmas tree' is still 'standing' in the wall. Yes in the wall because it is not the real Christmas tree but it contains many Christmas ornaments and some traditional Indonesian toys. So unique and match with the concept of the store that offer Indonesian traditional fashion, beauty, furniture, and food products.