Friday, September 28, 2012

Mondial: Colorful window

Last Monday, I had posted about Mondial window display that features a simple garden were house concept. I thought that the second boutique at Plaza Senayan would have the same concept but the fact is vice versa. There are still the same colorful-glass-wooden-framed boxes but now they form a big beautiful window that looks radiant and beautiful, thanks to the lighting that comes from inside the boutique. The ivy leaves grow crawling and framing this beautiful glasses. The jewelry showcases also have the colorful background that very dominant toward the items displayed. Wonderful !

Massimo Dutti: Expression

So long I do not write any posting about Massimo Dutti in Jakarta. The main reason is because the constant display arrangement that never change. Recently, I passed by this brand's store at Grand Indonesia and saw the different mannequin expression at the men section entrance. On the left, a male mannequin stands with, for me, rather awkward pose. The right window is occupied by a female mannequin with very attractive pose and styling. These two mannequins are like actor and actress on a movie studio. Look at the big board behind the male mannequin and also properties near the female one.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another F/W 2012 fabulous stuffs

 Celine, Plaza Senayan

 Christian Louboutin, Plaza Indonesia

 Louis Vuitton, Plaza Senayan

 ck calvin klein, Plaza Indonesia

 Bershka, Senayan City

Highest vertiginous platform shoes from Louboutin, sparkling bling bling but elegance, again, from Louboutin, fur scarf from Celine, etc. Those are women stuffs that I will buy if I am a rich lady.

Alfred Dunhill: Welcome back again

After closed its operation at Senayan City, Alfred Dunhill re-opens again its boutique at Plaza Senayan this month. The new boutique features the classic elegance style design that is also used in other Dunhill boutiques. The window display ground is filled with rolls of papers. If you are willing to bend your head and read the writings inside them, you can find the interview result between Dunhill and Jamie Hewlett, an artist and filmmaker become one of the Dunhill faces for Fall/Winter 2012. There is also a man hand bag that is floating on top of those papers. This window, for me, looks very poetic and beautiful but not loose its masculinity.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Pedder: Balloons

On Pedder has a very artistic and edgy catalogue in the form of bi-annual magazine called Pedderzine. Open this magazine and you can find a very excellent example of product photography. It is also the combination of fashion and art design. This concept is now used for the Fall/Winter 2012 window display of this multi-brands accessories boutique. There are five balloons in giant size that each is covered with very graphic images and writings. This balloons might have no connection with the accessories trend for this season, but it works as an artistic background yet also very attractive for passers-by.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kate Spade: Package delivery

The concept of Kate Spade window display for Fall 2012 is the delivery of the goods it sells. Thus, there are some wooden boxes in open-up condition laying on the ground. Inside we can see all the latest shoes, handbags, purses that put on top of plastics that cover them from the damage.

Gap: Blue jeans

Gap make a very commercial straight-to-the-point window display design in promoting one of this brand's best-seller, blue jeans. There are various cutting and design and shape for men, women, boys and girls, and even for children. Each of gender and age level is presented with creative and interesting outlook, not in a shallow way.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mondial: A garden werehouse

The mix of high and low in the fashion styling is still a big issue and trend. However, this kind of mixture is rarely seen in the window display design. One of the excellent example of it is the Fall 2012 window display arrangement of Mondial. This jewelry brand's windows are now being decorated with old colorful-glass wooden-framed-boxes, a wooden bench, steel basket, and a tool to gather the falling leaves of fall. There is no glamour or luxe feeling upon those properties compare to the beautiful Mondial collection of diamond earrings and other jewelries. Plus, there are only some little placement to display the jewelry collection that look so small compare to the size of other properties. Amazing!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ck Calvin Klein: Horse hair

 I was so shock when passed by this ck calvin klein boutique in Plaza Indonesia. There is a bundle of long black hair comes out of a painting. I thought the object in the poster is human head, so horror like the infamous Japanese ghost, Sadako, of The Ring movies. However, a closer and profound observation later told me that it was a picture of a horse but and the hair is the tail. There are two pictures of this horse but only one that has the eerie long hair object.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emporio Armani: Japan's city view

Emporio Armani shots its Fall/Winter 2012 campaign in Tokyo with models posing against the shops that has riots of neon on top. This concept is brought once again into the window display. There are two giant pictures of some Tokyo are in the night. The poster use the hologram or perhaps 3D technique that the pictures will look moving if your look it from different angles.

Alun - Alun Indonesia: rural village in Java

A big kite in the shape of flying bird are up in the sky. Below, little birds are playing on the dried twigs surrounded by wild grasses. On the falling-leaves-filled-ground, there are two wooden boxes with fruits inside as the symbol of nature's wealth. This description is my interpretation upon viewing the window display of Alun - Alun Indonesia. You can find this if you travel to a small village in Java island where civilization still not effects too much with nature. A rare view, though.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lanvin: Mirror mirror

Large life size mirrors in yellow stands behind the expressive mannequins of Lanvin window display. Not sure what's the meaning behind this concept. But still it is so elegance.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chanel: Futuristic?

Plain boards, neon in circular or linear form, and tall boxes serve as table are the main background of the new Chanel window display for Fall 2012 season. These decorations create a modern feeling toward the whole appearance of the display. There are no fussy decorations compared to the last seasons' underworld and Indian concept.