Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money Bath

The latest display of this Rococo store in Plaza Indonesia borrow the concept of the famous scene of movie American Beauty. Every guys will remember the scene where Mena Suvari is on the bath up with red rose petals cover her body. Kevin Spacey comes to seduce her but unfortunately it is only in his dream. Here, the decent and simple feelings of the theme are replaced with the glamourous one. The woman mannequin is wearing nothing but a crystal-decorated sandals, and the man mannequin wear complete pant suit rather than a pajama. A bottle of wine and the glass, a Michael Kors bag, and the Rococo money smells of materialistic rather then lust.

The Wings of the Dove

I will not review Helena Bonham Carter's movie that set in Venice. Here I am talking about the latest display of Lanvin. Amidst the sober color of fall season-black, brown, leopard spots-the white wings of the doves gracefully play the contradictive mood.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyone Loves Louboutin

SJP dumps the Manolos in her 2nd Sex and the City the Movie. J-Lo sings Louboutin and even has to learn with the name's owner to pronounce the correct one. Louboutin is now become the cult label and must-have shoes for trendy well-heeled women. Who can't resist the sexiness of those red sole, towering heels, wildest leather & fur, and also those fabulous bags. Hope the man collection will be available soon in Indonesia.


Diamonds perhaps are the girl's best friend, but if you watch the reality today that previous statement is so passe. Look at what chic and stylish ladies and girls wear at shopping malls, the Chanel 2.55 bag. This classic bag has the versatility style that goes with every occasion. You don't have to wear a Chanel skirt suit like these mannequins to look fabulous. Just pick your most stylish denim pants, a crisp white blouse, and pair it with your favorite 2.55.

J'adore Celine

Nowadays, if you have a chance to go to Paris, you will meet many chic French women wearing the trendiest uniform -> the Celine clothing and accesories. LVMH is succeeded to raise up the popularity of this brand by crown Phoebe Philo, ex Chloe, as the creative director. The fall.winter 2010 collection shows the minimalist, chic, and very wearable simple jackets, capes, crisp white blouse & shirt, skirts, and interisting accesories. There is also a must-have bag, the Luggage bag, that is available in many versions like this one in shearling.

Cute bags for your children

So lucky are the children (and also baby) today. They can wear branded designer clothing and also the cute accesories. Here, Gap Kids at Senayan City shows cute bacpacks for children in the shape of some living creatures like shark and lady bug.

Paris is Coming to Town !!!!!!

You better watch child, you better not cry, blah blah blah blah Paris is coming to townnnnnnnn!!!!! Check out the latest accesories store in town, Paris Hilton at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Unfortunately, the store disappoints me with its decent display and mute color. Hope Paris will come and push the distributor to renovate the boutique with colorful color and decor.

Charriot of Sea Creatures

I am starting my new posts with the latest display of my favorite brand ever => Hermes. The new displays show two kind of charriots that are carried by 2 fishes and seahorses. Fishes carry the women collection, while seahorses carry the men's. This fabulous charriot is in golden color and surrounded by furry background. SUPERB AND FABULOUS !!!!!!!

I'am Back

Hiiiiiii I am back from my hibernation and shopping frenzy. Hope you guys can enjoy my new posts and be inspired to shop and shop