Sunday, October 31, 2010


Y-3 finally comes to Indonesia. For you who never hear this brand, Y-3 is the combination of sport and fashion aesthetic between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. This high-end brand of Adidas always shows its fashion show in New York Fashion Week. The fans of this brand range from fashion insiders, celebrities, and also common stylish customer who want to appear stylish when do work out. The display is so simple with 3 mannequin wear the latest Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

Ice Ice Baby

Chanel boutique in Grand Indonesia finally up dates its window display with complete concept of iceberg just like the fashion show. The mannequins wear the latest collection of impeccable Chanel skirt suit and the latest accesories in faux fur detail. They sit and stand in the polar ice world and there are ice block on the ground. Excellent!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Dream of Africa

A picture or a photo always contains message, story, concept, or any other hidden meanings. Louis Vuitton is one of the fashion brands that makes amazing campaign and catalogue each season. I love these photos of journey to the Africa (is it South Africa?) that shows the travelling spirit behind every LV products. Just enjoy the beautiful Dree Hemingway (the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway) staring at the sun on top of Kilimimanjaro (hahahaha not sure LOL) or the most fascinating installation of LV trunks that shape the Eiffel tower.

Hidden Treasure

The four small display of Hermes boutique in Galleria Grand Hyatt is often neglected by customers who already amaze with the main display near the main entrance. However, Hermes never forget to make the audience amaze in every corner of their boutiques. This fall, those four small windows look like four mini aquariums or something. Each box contains a clam shell which keep those fabulous Hermes time piece collection in its body. Golden brown faux-furs cover the inner surface of the box , like seaweeds or other fantastical underwater plants. Amazing !

Happy Birthday Cavalli !

The other fashion house that celebrates its anniversary is Roberto Cavalli. In the period of 40 years, this brand remains and maintains its distinct characteristic - glamour, luxurious, rich detail, bold in everything, and flamboyant yet elegance. In the display of this brand's Indonesian boutiques - Plaza Senayan and Pacific Place, there is a board containing magazine articles about all Roberto Cavalli aspects. If you do not like anything historical, then just enjoy the collection like this beautiful silver heels with feather detail.

Time Table

I was so surprised when I looked at the Time Place window special for IWC. In that space, there stands a table with a world map, some IWC excellent watches, and other equipments. This classic style table might belong to an watch artisan or an adventurer who will have a journey. Excellent!

Saturday, October 23, 2010 !

Everyone loves movie. Every weekend theater always full of people, young and old, men and women, who want to watch the latest movie whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, French, Italian, or local movies. Many people also adore actors and actresses, the studded and twinkling star in the world of cinema. This fall, Zara celebrate this world of cinema with window display that shows the process of making a movie.

Anish Kapoor & Bulgari

Anish Kapoor is a famous sculptor with fantastic world installed in many places in the world from Jerusalem to Chicago. His most recent works are mirror-like, reflecting or distorting the viewer and surroundings. This year, Anish Kapoor creates a display for Bulgari's famous collection, B.zero1. As I am not a sculptor fan I just can only give you the picture of his works without any comment. However, this display is the most distinguished display I ever see because it is the combination of art, architecture, technology, and of course fashion.

The most beautiful and stylish mom and kids display

No comment for this display of Little Toes, a shop selling equipments for moms and their beloved baby. Just look at the stylish diaper bags, cute baby backpack, and the one thing that take my breath away: the most beautiful baby dress. This tulle dress is as if made by Vera Wang. Lovely

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weeek I read an article in DAMAN magazine about an ex late-90s-supermodel who love 'manimal', the combination between man animal a.k.a. man with chest hair. She said in the article that nowadays the world full of pretty guys in make up. This is a reality today with every major fashion houses provide men with fashion and accesories. However, only a few brands remain masculine their macho customer, while the others offer the opposite one for the opposite men customer too.
Alas, I do not want to talk about macho or feminine men. Here are some examples of the macho style displays that no need to show chest hair. The black color of furniture, sharp and square cut, simple detail, and the gesture of the mannequins sharpen the manly atmosphere.

Happy Birthday Zegna !

Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian brand for a true gentlemen who want to wear a stylish suit without looking flamboyant or too dandy. This brand holds a centennial anniversary this year with some special commemorations in China and some other countries. Although it is an old house, Zegna always come in their finest quality of fabrics, stylish yet classic and wearable cut, whether in clothing, leather goods, and fragrances.

Gentelman's Agreement

No comment about this sleek suit shop of Canali. Minimalist and simple in the front and inside. On the display, two mannequins wear perfects black tie suit. Classic and refined.

On Your Mark, Get Bag, Shop!

When the economy is not in a good mood, people tend not to shop for secondary needs like clothes or accesories. This condition make every retail company thinks about promotion tool to increase the sales and revenue. Thus, Metro, a well-known Indonesian department store, hold its famous Metro Big Sale starting on September 30, 2010. The date and the month is a little bit awkward coz it does not close or relate to any celebration. Thus, they make an interisting slogan and display to make people curious to enter the shop. The theme is a shopping competition and the 1st winner shops the most goodies. Very creative!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Chanel held the most memorable show in Paris Fashion Week last February. This legendary house brought blocks of iceberg from Eastern Europe into the Grand Palais in Paris. This fall the giant iceberg becomes the center piece of the window display. Do not afraid it is not the real ice but it is made of stereo foam. The cold mist effect on the window is made from sticker. However, this faux iceberg is still so amazing. Unfortunately, the VM team or perhaps the stylist forget to add the amazing accesories collection. hmmmm

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Godfather

Louis Vuitton is always become everyone's favorite brand for fashion products especially bag with its iconic monogram logo. From the well-heeled ladies and gentlemen to the underprivileged people are carrying LV bags. The company always hunt the fake one, but unfortunately this can stop people buying those fake cheap one. Here are some of my favorite LV bags (and also clutches) that perhaps will not available in the fake replicas. Amen.