Friday, August 31, 2012

On Pedder: Opera house

Opera house is the concept of On Pedder window display this fall season. There are two torso mannequins surrounded by fabulous accessories. These mannequins are high-lighted by two studio lamps. Behind this little corner display, there are big screens that are covered with old photos of opera house balconies. Simple properties but clear enough to express the concept.

Lanvin: Beautiful as always

There are no properties exist except for 3 mannequins inside Lanvin window display. However, in the realm of this blank lonely display, spark two very beautiful Lanvin mini dresses worn by the lucky mannequins. The first one in dark green color that look like a sculpture of ribbon or vegetal, and the second is the fluid draped bright pastel pink dress. These two beautiful things caught my eye, or perhaps other visitor's, directly when pass by this boutique. Je t'aime Lanvin.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mondial: Bon Voyage

Mondial takes the theme of historical sea traveling in its latest window display. There is one window covered with a gigantic South America map that has a hole in the middle to show the jewelry collection. Sea sands with some sea creature shells are surrounding a neck mannequin where the necklace is placed. On the other window, big old trunks with stickers to show the owner's previous destinations stand with old traveling tools like oil lamp and a globe.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roberto Cavalli: Rock style props

Black metal frames with metallic studs decorate Roberto Cavalli window display at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. This properties are matching with the glamour style of Roberto Cavalli that is never decreasing. Ohter interesting aspects of this window display are the ready-to-wear dresses and men suits that look extravagance but elegance.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Boss Hugo Boss: Newspaper

There are newspaper flying on the air inside the Boss Hugo Boss window display. This shiny silver metallic color newspapers are made of metal material. Observe it closely and find that these newspaper is the Hugo Boss Tribune, a newspaper that talk, of course, about all things Hugo Boss.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kate Spade X Garrance Dore

This Fall 2012, Kate Spade makes a special collaboration with Garrance Dore, an internationally famous fashion blogger turn photographer. Garrance makes exclusive illustration designs that is applied at a capsule collection of ready-to-wear and also accessories. This collaboration is celebrated in the latest window display that features a giant lamp dress.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zara: Expensive look

 Plaza Indonesia

Senayan City

Zara is a fast-fashion brand that is created to be easily accessed by people in general. However, the way Zara design its boutiques throughout this universe reflects the opposite image. Every Zara store look expensive from the window display to the interior inside. This lifting-image-process is well applied via its latest window display for Fall/Winter 2012. There are modern minimalist window display properties like metal screen or marble cubical props. The collections that are presented also look luxurious. Excellent.

Stradivarius: New display for Fall/Winter 2012

Stradivarius latest display for Fall/Winter 2012 featuring two kinds of arrangement. The first is steel plants that are growing on the wall behind the mannequins. This concept might look like the previous Spring/Summer 2012 display but now the flowers look more futuristic rather than natural. The other display is decorated with some words like 'COOL', 'DREAM', 'FANTASY', and some others.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pull & Bear: Travelling with hot air balloon

The newest Pull and Bear window display might remind us with last year Louis Vuitton's that featured hot air balloon. Now, the balloons are flying on top of giant images of a river (may be Amazon). This image are so unique since it is actually a giant puzzle if you observe it from short distance. There are no special thing with the mannequin though.

Desigual: Welcome to Jakarta !

The first Desigual store in Indonesia had already been opened at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. This Spanish based brand is famous with its loud graphic and print. This character is reflected via its window display that so hectic with flowers and graffiti of words. Flowers exist through sticker that is framed the window, decorates the peace symbol, and even there are pleated paper flowers as beautiful decorations. While words like love, smile, peace, etc are everywhere in the form of graffiti to strengthen the street mood. Not my favorite but this is a new breakthrough in Jakarta.