Monday, July 23, 2012

Matahari: India

Starting from last week's Saturday, Moslem around the world entered the month of Ramadhan that is the fasting month. Indonesia with its large Moslem community embrace this month with various festivities and decorations especially in shopping malls. One of the example is the window display from Matahari Department Store in Mall Taman Anggrek. Mannequins are wearing Islamic style clothing that is done in Indian style. Women with veils put layers of faux-pearl necklaces on their neck. While, men are standing with the elephant to transport them.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mango: New Collection

Mango is the first fast-fashion retail store that landed in Indonesia and is still gaining success story. There are more than 10 Mango stores throughout Indonesia. These photos are come from Mango in Central Park, West Jakarta. Its fast and high-ceiling window display is already installed with the latest display concept. New Collection is the main theme and the mannequins are wearing black and white outfits that look somber. The most interesting part is the arrangement of many kinds of accessories, paper bags, and boxes on the floor. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boss Orange: Genius fishes

Boss Orange Summer 2012 window display is about underwater fishing process that is very vividly portrayed with the use of some tools inside the window. Now, it is time to have sale and the VM team does a very creative thing by using stickers of tiny winy shark image stickers to form the SALE word. It looks as if those fishes are genius that they make a formation of letters.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Burberry: Somber

Burberry for Fall/Winter 2012 bring somber mood in its campaign photo and window display. Dark, cloudy, grey atmosphere of rainy London are symbolized with dark color of walls beside the giant digital photo of the campaign. There is a single mannequin stands in between them and a fence lay behind it.

Gucci: Steel and studded dragonflies

 Senayan City

Gucci window display for pre-Fall 2012 is about giant dragonflies. They are come in black and golden metallic colors, also their wings are studded. Not sure the concept is about dragonflies as natural animal or as kite. Since the mannequin is holding chain-ropes that carry those dragonflies.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kate Spade: Paintbrush

 Plaza Senayan

 Plaza Indonesia

Kate Spade is the only one brand in Jakarta that changes its window display withing 1 until 2 months, compared to other brands that usually change every 4 until 6 months. The latest update is very unique with paintbrushes are hung on the ceiling. Each brush is dirty with dry paints in various pastel colors. Although paintbrush is not glamourous or beautiful, the arrangement in this Kate Spade window display reflects the opposite image.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Celine: Disco on the rainbow

I was so surprised to find the latest Celine window display at Plaza Senayan. The somber color that fulfilled the ground window was replaced by the bright colorful stripes that form the rainbow effect. On top of the ground, properties in the form of boxes in various shapes has the silver metallic color with diamond-like structure like those of disco ball. This look is very contradict with every Celine collection per season. However, it is also a strong and effective strategy to attract mall visitor to look at the boutique and notice the brand.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baleno: Let's go to the beach

We are in the middle of July and it is the peak of the summer season. Let's go to the beach, have a swimming or volley on the beach. If you just want to relax, than sunbathing on the sands or just sitting around with family members would be a great idea.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dior: Versailles

Dior latest campaign both video and printed form is called Secret Garden and was shot in some parts of Versailles including the magnificent Gallerie des Glaces and its beautiful garden. This two famous parts of the palace is transformed into the window display in very excellent way. Look at the chandeliers and the full-body mirrors inside the window part that come in golden color. A triangle tree also stands on top of the green grass ground with two window panes. Beautiful.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Packing

 Plaza Indonesia

 Plaza Senayan

The latest Louis Vuitton display is themed and named The Art of Packing. I had posted this concept last months, but only yesterday I found the true arrangement of this concept. There are the infamous Louis Vuitton classic monogram trunks both for men and women placed in the window display. The men trunk comes in sharp square shape while the women's is in rounded one. I hope someday I can purchase this trunk since the quality is very excellent above all.

Hermes: International times

Hermes at Vancouver International Airport, Canada, celebrates the different of time in one country and another in its window display. There are three wall clock that shows the different times in each of the two windows. The women section window shows the times of Vancouver - Madrid - Sydney with arms carrying scarves, ties, bag, and hat. While the men section features Paris - London - Tokyo times. On the ground there are trunks with contents spoiled outside that can be translated into traveling from country to country.

Hermes: Safe house

Last month, one of my best friends went to Canada and I asked her to become a contributor for this blog. She is so kind and photographed my favorite brand's window display that is Hermes. This one is from Taiwan International Airport, her second transit point before reach the land of Canada. Like other Hermes window display, this one is featuring a simple but so elegance concept. There are some small houses with some precious Hermes stuffs saved inside. The choice of the color and the arrangement are so calm. It might become a perfect eye relaxation after long hours inside the plane.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tod's: Personal choice

All the items inside this poster of Tod's window display are what I want to have if I have a lot of moneys in my account. They are so classic, elegance, and of course, masculine. This beautiful photograph is so perfect to become the background and present the mood of the collection too.

Anteprima: Let's knit the bag

Anteprima is famous with its Wire Bag series collection. Those bags are made of woven wire cord, of course not the common wire use in the electricity. This brand's boutique in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, make a unique window display decoration. There is a giant wire bag that is still on the process of knit. You can see two big needles and the rolls of wire. They all come in golden color.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hermes: The Watch and the compass

The core value of Hermes is about travel and journey. These two characters are projected excellently through Hermes window display at Galleria Grand Hyatt, Jakarta. There are the compass and the watch, two essential things when you want to have a real journey or adventure to a new place. The compass exists in the men section with the image of the diamond-cut wind directions, while the watch decorates the women window beautifully. This simple but elegance display is what I love best from every Hermes window display in the universe.