Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dior: Girls and the beach hut

Dior window displays around the world are decorated with some beach hut. In Dior at Ngee Ann City, the beach hut will be occupied by two female mannequins in red colored Dior collection. Hope the VM team of Dior replace the appearance of the mannequins because for me they are not feminine and elegance as what Dior meant to be.

Marni: Quirky

Marni is a very successful brand that needs no advertisement or celebrity endorsement since its founding era. Every Marni pieces has fashion statement that makes this brand becomes the must have items for fashion insiders. The style of Marni is distinct and sometimes outstanding among the others due to the unique patterns or the anti-trend ethic. Marni boutique is very rare in Asia and so lucky I found it at Paragon, Singapore. The window display is very simple with only some faceless, handless, and footless mannequins made from plastic.

Moschino: Playful

Moschino is an Italian brand synonymous with playful, witty, and sometimes comical styles. This signature is reflected very best in Moschino boutique at Paragon. There are two giant Teddy bears beside a mannequin. On the other side of the display, two women mannequins are staring out of the window. The window is made from sticker in trompe l'oleil style, that makes you think there are wooden frame windows sticked to the wall.

Miu Miu: Baroque boudoir

It has been a long time for me to not find any Miu Miu boutique since it was closed some years ago in Jakarta. Last Saturday I was so excited to find the Miu Miu boutique at Paragon. The boutique has new appearance of baroque style decorations from the pattern of the outside wall and of course the window display decors. The mannequins have unique appearance with only steel skeleton and no 'skin' or other body parts.

Tod's: Last Christmas gift

Tod's boutique at Paragon is still displaying the Christmas themed decorations, with light box tied with red ribbons to form the Christmas gift boxes. The background also has the same winter holiday style. Don't know why Tod's is so late with updating its display.

Fendi: Accesories

Fendi boutique at Ngee Ann City focuses its display on the accessories merchandise in an attractive way. There are miniatures of living room complete with some chairs and tables. On top of them sit the beautiful Fendi accesories from clutches, shoes, flats, and some jewelries. The window display is also featuring Fendi's most famous logo, the double F, that forms the cupboard to display the bags.

Hermes: Steel

Hermes is always stand out among the other luxury brands. This brand always maintains its exclusivity in certain way that put Hermes in the most luxurious rank among the others. At the Terminal 1 of Changi Airport, Hermes boutique is the only one who stands so exclusive with closed-door-concept and very attractive display for a duty free stores at the airport.

Hermes: Reading lamp

Hermes at the Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands is still displaying 2011 annual theme of Hermes, the celebration of artisan. There are reading lamp that is always exist in every artisans working table to make sure that they work with proper light and produce the best quality of products.

Hermes: Le Temps

Hermes is my most favorite brand with its high quality and craftmanship also the classic design. Hermes window displays are also among the best and the top in the world.. There are four Hermes boutiques in Singapore but I only visit two of them. Here are the photos of Hermes window display inside the Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. This large Hermes boutique put the celebration of the latest Hermes watch, Le Temps Suspendu, to become the theme. All aspects of the time and watch are explored and shown on the amazing clarity and form and appearance. Perfect.

Gap: Festive Lunar Year, Vivo City

Last weekend I went to Singapore for the first time. It was an amazing experience because there were so many window displays to be photographed and gigantic fashion boutiques to be admired. Thus, from today I will focus on posting about the window displays I found in Singapore.

The first posting is about the Lunar New Year themed window display of Gap at Vivo City. The display theme and decoration is similar with the Grand Indonesia's Gap. However, you can see the children mannequins look more active and cheerful in anticipating the Lunar New Year celebration.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Zara: 2011 unpublished

I find this unpublished photo from Zara Plaza Senayan window display. Here, you can see a very excellent arrangement of products that is very interesting.

Chinese New Year-themed window display

Gap Kids, Grand Indonesia

Longchamp, Plaza Senayan

I know it's too late to post this theme of Chinese New Year window display, but I just found some interesting display yesterday. Gap Kids put colorful and cute-looking-face barongsai as a background for its window display. While Longchamp window display is decorated with ancient-Chinese-style door, a wooden table (or chair), and two traditional baskets. Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gucci: Color blocking

Grand Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia

Color blocking is a very famous fashion trend and perhaps the longest in the cycle. It began in Spring/Summer 2011 and will be continued until this Spring/Summer 2012. Gucci adopt this trend in Gucci Cruise 2012 window display with colorful wooden square plates as the background for its Zebra print accessories or also the color blocking clothing.