Monday, April 30, 2012

Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton X Marc Jacobs

Last Friday, I had a privilege to attend the Louis Vuitton event to launch the new coffee table book entitle Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs. This book talks about the work of Marc Jacobs at the legendary and the most favorite and easy-to-recognizable brand, Louis Vuitton.This gold colored cover book is placed at the small window display of Louis Vuitton along with the latest Spring/Summer 2012 women accessories collection. The matching metallic effect of the book cover and the accessories color is so luxurious looking yet attracting onlookers. Superb!

Gap: Support the Earth Day

This is the more livelier version of Gap Support the Earth Day (or Week) window display. This display photos were taken from the Gap at Grand Indonesia. With more spacious display, there are male mannequins standing in front the fence with 0% plastic signage. Those mannequins are wearing polo and T-shirt that I love very much. And don't forget the 0% plastic canvas bags on their hands and on the fence.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Toko Gunung Agung: The Falling Letters

It's so uncommon for a bookstore to have a window display but it happens with the new renovated and relocated Toko Gunung Agung at Senayan City. This one of Indonesia's local book store has a very interesting window display and perhaps it's an art installation (sadly cannot find any info of it on Google). Inside the quiet vast glass window, there is a gigantic book with a story entitled 'Kembali ke Gunung Agung'. Observe the story in a very closer look and you can see that the letters are not complete. They are falling on the grounds like drops of water.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Metro: Magical garden


This season Metro Department Store window displays are decorated with magical garden themed. This post is showing you the arrangement at the Metro Plaza Senayan. There are the gigantic rabbit with furs made of thousands of leaves, the gigantic mushrooms, a beautiful lady or fairy raiding a banana leaves. I can say that they are the most stand out local-made-concept window display.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Puma: Speedometer

A speedometer is placed at the Puma window display in Senayan City. That speedometer is reproduced in gigantic size and in very detail. From the stripes of the number until the little red lamps as indicator warning. Those stripes of the number are made from the images of black and red colored shoes. These shoes are the example of Puma products in collaboration with Ferrari.

Gap: Support the Earth Week

There is a metal fence in front of a white brick wall with 0% board on it. On the fence, a wooden board with 'plastic' word on it and some vines leaves hung there wildly. This is the special corner of Gap window display to support this year's Earth Week. For this earth caring week, Gap already designed some canvas bags that contains 0% plastic on it. The bags comes with cute and colorful grafitti style images.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Denim Destination: The raid of the werehouse

Denim Destination is a multi-brand store that sells premium denim brands such as True Religion, 7 for All Mankind, Cheap Monday, Rock and Republic, Ben Sherman, and many others. This large denim store is a part of Debenhams at Senayan City and occupies almost half of it's second floor. Last weekend I found that this Denim Destination window display is already updated with very unique concept. In my mind I imagined that there was a raid to a were house where the denim and other clothing stuffs are kept after the shipment process. The broken wooden boxes are everywhere as well as the wooden debris on the floor. This messed up were house concept is out of the box compared to the other branded store displays that only show glamor and beautiful things.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Boss Hugo Boss: Dandelion snow

"After flowering is finished, the dandelion flower head dries out for a day or two. The dried petals and stamens drop off, the bracts reflex (curve backwards), and the parachute ball opens into a full sphere. Finally, the seed-bearing parachutes expand and lift out of it. The parachute drops off the achene when it strikes an obstacle. After the seed is released, the parachutes lose their feathered structure and take on a fuzzy, cotton-like appearance, often called "dandelion snow" - taken from Wikipedia.

Those academic and scientific explanations about the dried dandelion and the dandelion snow are
depicted excellently in the latest Hugo Boss Window display. The flower and it's snow are made from
metal in the color of silver, thus it would be not too feminine for a men boutique.

Banana Republic: Animal prints

Banana Republic window display is covered with animal prints motifs, the zebra's black and white stripes and the giraffe' brown square shape skin. The animals are also there on the display. The giraffe with its long neck are posing along together with the mannequins who are wearing too-glamorous-safari look. The zebra, it's the little one, are hiding behind a mannequin. Perhaps too shy to be observed by onlookers.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

R.E.D Valentino: Ultra feminine

Love the styling of the latest R.E.D Valentino window display although there are no changes on the arrangement of the props. Just look at the dresses, flats, sandals, other accessories that look soooooo feminine. They are so fit with this season's floral and pastel trends but they are also surely designed to be classic items.