Monday, April 2, 2012

Hoss Intropia: Welcome to Indonesia !

In the end of March 2012, Indonesia has a new brand comes to established its name in this developing country's retail environment. This brand is Hoss Intropia, a Spain based, and located at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. The window display of Hoss Intropia looks so elegance with minimalist concept like those high-end designer boutiques. There are paper butterflies made from paper and come in various sizes. They make a circle form behind the mannequins.


  1. Endro good afternoon, I follow your blog for a while, and I am part of the company The Other Stone who made this showcase, the butterflies are made of aluminum with paper on the front.
    You can see more of our work on the website

  2. Thanks for your post! We are a Spanish company ,The Other Stone Studios, and designed the window for spring-summer hoss ... we love to see our work in Indonesia! thanks!!

  3. Hi Marco Antonio & all the Other Stone Studios staffs. I'm so surprised you visited my blog and gave some comments. Thank you so much for the information about the butterfly materials. Enjoy my other postings and hope to see your other works in Indonesia :)