Saturday, November 17, 2012

Louis Vuitton: Snowflakes formation

It is November but the Christmas spirit is already in the air with boutiques decorated with Christmas ornaments. The first and the most elegance of all is this year's Louis Vuitton holiday or Christmas window display. There are falling flowers, that might become the resemblance of its iconic monogram logo, which form a giant snow flake in the women display. For the men, antlers of reindeer surround a male mannequin wearing the covetable Fall/Winter 2012 jacket. To add the festivities, accessories little windows are also decorated with the aforementioned falling flowers in the background. All of this properties are in metallic gold that glisten and sparkling in the most elegance and beautiful way. Perfect!


  1. Luck is the theme. They are 4 leaf clovers and wishbones, not flowers and antlers. Either way its a beautiful display.

  2. Hey, thank you for the correction :)

  3. I am a freelancer for LV - The windows theme is simple
    we "Wish you a charming Christmas"

    Wishbones "Wish"
    Clovers "Charming" lucky charms