Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Modern minimalist: American designers

 Marc Jacobs - ION Orchard

 Alexander Wang - Hilton Singapore The Shopping Gallery

 Herve Leger - ION Orchard

 Tory Burch - Wisma Atria

Minimalist is a big big trend that never disappear in the world of high fashion brand. Although the seasonal fashion shows are always grande, lots of spectacles, and full of amazing scenes and properties, some designers choose to back to the clean and simple world when it comes to dress their boutiques or window display. Marc Jacobs is the right example for this kind of concept. Fashion avacionados will not forget his amazing New York shows that may feature a marching band or a pastoral hills. But just look at his boutique in ION Orchard, Singapore, where 5 female mannequins standing and posing in all the similar style. Nothing spectacular about the display properties also. The hottest new comer in the New York scene, Alexander Wang, also has the ultra modern minimalist concept for his first ever boutique in Singapore. Black and white marble and properties dominate the all appearances. They might look so bland and too simple, but sometimes it is the best way to perform the luxurious and high quality products.

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