Friday, May 11, 2012

Papilion Duo: White dressing room

An all white dressing room is installed at the Papilion Duo window display. This very detail room is very beautiful, cozy, and so feminine. A table under the soft-floral-curtained window pane with blue sky outside is filled with a fashion magazine, a Dyptique candle, a tea set, and other stuffs. On the wall, there are collections of beautiful vintage photo frames and other feminine decorations. A pair of Repetto ballet flats, a gold colored Comme des Garcons Play T-shirt, a white jacket and a bag are signs that this room belongs to a chic style young girl.

One critic for the VM team is the use of a flat screen monitors that are not well set up. Thus, there will be some period when one or two of the window pane blocks turns into black and the 'DVD' icon appears.

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