Monday, October 22, 2012

Alfred Dunhill: Intellectual display

Alfred Dunhill has a very excellent blazer collection that is called Camdeboo. It is made of Angora goats of Camdeboo that live under the Shepherd Tree in South Africa. To promote this collection, this brand does not put the blazer at the window display. Instead, there is 12 panels that each depicts the live of the Angora goats under the trees. To see the complete picture you need to look at this display from left to right. The first panel of the left is an empty grassy field with a Shepherd Tree stands tall in the middle. Then suddenly there is a group of goats walking towards it and gather under it. The story of this blazer and its material source is also can be found at a writing below those panels. This is an intellectual way to display a product yet, of course, you also need to have intellectual customers too.


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  2. And Dunhill Cigarettes are nothing to do with Alfred Dunhill...