Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Denim Destination: Bakery shop ?

Denim Destination, a division of Debenhams at Senayan City, is a multi-brands store that sells premium jeans as well as high-end street style brands such as True Religion, Seven for All Man Kind, Cheap Monday, and many others. Point out at young-at-heart market, the window display of this store has different concept with the Debenhams'. A bakery shop concept is used at the latest window display arrangement for the new season. You can see daily breakfast breads in almost every corner at this display. The mannequins look so carefree and pose in free motions and actions, also location. In the end, it will make a confusion about the real concept of this display. Is it a bakery shop or just a wild morning party in a picnic situation (many checked napkin clothes) or what??

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